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What does your sauce say about you?

You may have never thought about this, but the way you choose the sauce says a lot about you. Our woki-fortune-teller has been investigating and here are her final conclusions. First prediction: you’ll love each word.

Bangkok: Yellow curry, huh? There’s no doubt you’re into Exotic Cuisine! If you still haven’t been to Thailand, it’s on your bucket list; if you’ve already visited it, you look back at those times with nostalgia. In the summer, all you eat is coconut ice cream (you will only accept mango ice-cream if coconut is out of stock). You wish you lived in an eternal summer, which is exactly why you collect Hawaiian necklaces.


Beijing: Crazy as this might sound, the fortune-teller is really sure about this: the fact that you order Oyster sauce means you subconsciously love seafood. Ground-breaking, we know. You should trust her and add shrimps to your next wok, you will love them! There is a chance that you also like oysters, prawns or clams. Check it out and let us know!


Tokyo: Your deep love for Teriyaki sauce draws a first conclusion: you’re cosmically aligned with a bunch of people, because it’s our best seller… Having said that, she predicts you like brown and sweet things. So, as a logical consequence, you love chocolate cakes, brownies and every single teriyaki recipe. Our fortune-teller totally got you, didn’t she?


Saigon: Black pepper and garlic… This one’s harder to guess because garlic interferes with magic (vampires know a lot about this). Anyway, the fortune-teller clearly sees you loose your mind every time you walk by a Wok to Walk or see something orange. It only takes a mandarin, a sunset or an Orange ad to make you salivate…


Hong Kong: Sweet and sour? Say no more! You first tried it in a Chinese restaurant and the recipe featured chicken or pork. Ever since, you’ve tasted many sweet & sour sauces but none of them was rival to ours. Your attraction to intense sweet and sour contrast appears in other aspects, such as your passion for soap operas (yeap, Grey’s Anatomy counts as one). Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!


Bali: It comes as no surprise that you love our spicy peanut sauce. You’re a nut maniac! But the question is: do you know where this craving comes from? Our fortune-teller says your ancestors’ ancestors were peanut producers in a foreign country. Don’t ask your family, they don’t know about that either… The connection is so old only our super fortune-teller can feel it.


Hot Asia: Our spicy soy sauce turned you in: you live dangerously; you’re a modern life cowboy. You probably enjoy very much eating woks and wearing your coat wide open in the winter. There’s a Clint Eastwood poster hanging on your wall (or from some western, or from Pulp Fiction…. Nope? Reservoir Dogs, maybe? Come on, give the fortune-teller a break and say yes to something!)


We must cut the analysis for now because the fortune-teller is a very renowned professional and she’s expected at a big TV show’s set. She just asked us to invite you to leave a grateful note on our Facebook page if she got you right. In the unlikely event that she didn’t even get close, it’s better if you keep that to yourself, because she doesn’t really need to know it.


Wait! She didn’t want to mix up sauces with special diets, but she says that if you’re a vegetarian, you will love this post and if you’re a vegan, you totally must read this one… And if you happen to be on a diet (who isn’t nowadays?) take a look at this one.

You will never see sauces with the same eyes from now on… Will you try a different one on your next visit, to see how it goes? Here you´ve got the whole list! :)

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