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Tips to save money on a Interrail Euro trip

It’s no secret that Interrail is the best way to visit a number of countries in Europe on the smallest budget. But who wants to simply survive when you can have crazy fun while keeping costs under control? The goal is making it to the end in the best possible way!

According to expert travellers who have succeeded at Interrail, balance is the very key. It’s as easy as basic math: if you save money on some areas, you will enjoy extra cash to invest on whims along the trip! So, let’s get down to business: here comes our list of tips to help you organise your adventure!

Expert tips to save money and have the best Interrail experience:

  1. Plan your bag wisely: Weight does matter, but we’re talking about your wallet here! If you start leaving stuff behind saying “I can buy this later on”, you’ll be losing money even before leaving home. This is not about shampoo or toothpaste, but about pricier things such as warm clothes or a bathing suit. Our pro-tip is to choose the countries you want to visit beforehand, then imagine the most extreme scenarios (i.e : freezing to death in the North or melting down in the South) and writing down a list with versatile items that can come handy in any situation. A thin down jacket will fit in the smallest corners left in your bag and you can use it as a pillow in the train or the hostel.
    A giant cotton scarf will also work as a towel, an extra layer to stay warm or as a fresh outfit when the weather gets hot. That’s what we mean when we talk about versatility.
  2. Pack some cans and vacuum packed cold cuts: They don’t need space, they’re light (and will get lighter as the trip goes, because you’ll eat them) and save your pretty ass a thousand times. Besides having something nice to eat when the train takes longer than expected or you arrive very late to your destination, you’ll save lots of money on meals. That way, you’ll get to be pickier when you feel like eating out. For example, instead of paying 2 or 3 euros several times for fried and re-heated “food”, you can make bread & cold cuts sandwiches and then spend 9 € on a yummier and healthier meals some other day.
  3. Eat WELL: Speaking about yummy and healthy food, it’s important for you to keep an eye on what you eat if you don’t want to need an extra size or vitamin pills by the end of the trip. Exaggerated as this may sound, it’s actually true! Seriously, if you want to feel and look great until the day you get back home, eat well. Didn’t these reasons convince you? We have another one: you will save money. If you let the smell of low-cost-fast-food take over your diet, despite the initial feeling of satisfaction, you’ll be hungry again two hours later. So you’ll eat something again. And again. Sum up what it costs to have several cheap meals a day and you’ll see it’s more expensive than eating good food.It’s better to buy some nice bread and fill it in with fresh veggies and cold eats, or grab a pasta dish, or -if you’re lucky to have a Wok to Walk in the city, enjoy a tasty and nourishing wok. It’s not our tip, this one comes from several backpackers who made the most of Interrail!The bloggers Planeta Lowcost (Huffington Post), Robert and Leti from Mochileando Por el Mundo, Eva Seijas (Creasaurio), Estibabalia (El rincón de Estibabalia) and Verónica from Viajando Por recommend Wok to Walk among their tips to enjoy an Euro Trip with Interrail.
  4. Give sharing economy a go: Getting back to the impact of wise packing on cost control, here comes a great tip. If you travel with someone else, you’ll save weight and money sharing basic things such as shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen, just-in-case-medicines, strips, chargers, photo cameras or cold eats. If you’re travelling solo, people at hostels will happily share with you some of these items.
  5. Master the art of low cost accommodation: Plan your trips in a way that allows you to alternate sleeping on trains with nights at hostels, campsites, parks or beaches. There’s no better way to save money and live new exciting experiences! Do you remember what we said about the down jacket/pillow? You should also try sleeping on cool people’s couches through CouchSurfing. You’ll save money and win local recommendations.

These are the main tips to save money while making the most of a backpacker trip. Do you want even more advice to rock your Euro Trip? Take a look at this post about delicious tips to eat on a budget around the world and you’ll become an expert!

If you already started following our tips and wonder if there is a Wok to Walk at some point in your route, check our restaurant list here. You may get lucky and find several Wok to Walk restaurants along the trip, which would kinda turn your Interrail experience into a wokaholic tour! ;)

May the fire be with you!