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The Best 2015 Festivals + How to Survive a Music Festival

If there’s something we’re experts on, besides playing with fire and cooking tasty dishes, it’s music. Who did you think builds our restaurants’ playlists? Every year, Wok to Walk’s team travels around the world from festival to festival. Here’s our selection in case you feel like dancing too.

Festivals in Barcelona:

Sonar (June 18 – 20 2015).

A mind-blowing line-up in Barcelona’s city centre.

Grec (July 1- 31 2015)

Contemporary dance, music and theatre to lift your spirit.

Cruilla (July 10 – 12 2015)

A rich combination of styles and groups to satisfy all kinds of festival lovers.


Festivals in Amsterdam:

Roots Festival (June 30 – July 5 2015)

A trip around exotic cultures through their music and culture. Along with the concerts, there are performances and master-classes.

Electronic Family (July 18 2015)

Trance music in a forest? If it sounds good here, imagine how it does live…

Loveland (August 8 2015)

Beautiful landscape meets music festival in one of the coolest cities in the world.


Festivals in New York:

Governor’s Ball (June 5 – 7 2015)

An astonishing line-up, an amazing location (Randall’s Island Park) and lots of fun.

Northside Festival (June 8 – 14 2015)

Pure Brooklyn: cinema, art, music and talks about innovation.

Electric Zoo (September 4 – 6 2015)

Vibrant and electric, just like New York’s nights.


Festivals in Madrid:

Mulafest (June 25 – 28 2015)

Tattoo, Street food, urban park, art… And tons of music, of course.

Dcode (September 12 2015)

A University campus turned into a dancing hotspot.


Festivals in London:

Field Day (June 6- 7 2015)

Green and rustic, blends a great line-up with the coolest “village life” activities.

Bushstock (June 13 2015)

Classy line-up of exquisite groups.

British Summer Time (June 18 – 28 2015)

Loud music, tasty street food and lots of grass at Hyde Park.


Did you realise all these festivals have something in common, besides great music and better locations? Exactly! All of them are in Wok to Walk cities (Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York, Madrid and London), so that you can count on us as an ally to survive!

Speaking about survival, here go our team’s basic tips to make the most of your festival experience.



Years and experience may have taught you how to move around festivals and what to include in your backpack. But, how about the rest of the time, when you’re not AT the festival? Where to sleep, where to eat and what to eat are Very Important Questions that set the difference between hitting the last day fresh and feeling like you just came back from hell.

Let us share some tips on how to survive some of the best festivals of the world:

1. Get some sleep!

 If you’re lucky to live in the city, your foster needs are covered.

If you travel to the city just for the festival, we suggest picking something close but not too close, so that you can get the most of your (reduced) hours of rest. We’d even suggest staying away from the festival’s impact area so that you can sleep in silence.

2. Water is hydrating, too

We know festivals give us all a thirst for beers and soda that no one can resist. However, if you want to save some life signs for the last days/concerts, it’s important to include water in your hydration routine. Try doing it at least while you’re sober! ;) Our best tip for this: always carry water in your bag.

3. Eat at least 3 times a day

OK, so music feeds for your soul, but how about your sexy body? It needs energy and vitamins to keep rolling! Festivals normally offer some decent food options, take a look at them. Anyway, don’t forget you’re in a city and there’s MUCH more to taste at the other side of the fences!

If you ask us, we’ll tell you a good wok contains everything you need to enjoy the festival like never before. Also, since we have options for every kind of diet, you can finally have a meal with your vegan, vegetarian or food intolerant friends. Design your ideal festival wok here.

4. Take your sexy body on a tour to discover the city

Take advantage of waiting hours between your favourite concerts and escape from indecisive zombies (yeah, those guys who look at the sky asking themselves what they should do next). You’re in a great city, go discover it!

There’s a strategic reason for doing so: it will help you balance your energy levels so you can give your best until the last performance.


Now you know all our tips to choose and survive the best music festivals, we can only say: MAY THE FIRE BE WITH YOU!!!