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Light recipe ideas that prove healthy fast food exists (and that you can be happy and satisfied while on a diet! )

Loosing weight is a tough task, especially when you really enjoy eating. Not to talk about diets for fast food lovers! Is that even a thing? Well, at Wok to Walk it is: we have thousands of light recipe options for you!

Since our concept consists of giving you the best fresh ingredients for you to design your own dish depending on your needs, you can have some very tasty & fast food. This way you can enjoy a cheat meal without actually cheating! Clever, huh?

Well, maybe we should explain that we are fast and we’re food but we’re what is typically known as fast food. We’re healthy fast food. A wok itself is a full meal (all of our bases include a fresh vegetable mix and an egg, except the Veggie dish which is vegan). So, lucky you, our dishes are really healthy and nourishing!

This means you can have delicious meals full of flavour and with a precise control of the calorie intake. Loosing weight was never easier!

10 light recipe ideas under 550 calories

Vegetable dish + smoked turkey + shiitake mushrooms + Beijing sauce (oyster sauce) = 367 kcal

Vegetable dish + shrimps + mango + Tokyo sauce (Teriyaki sauce, sweet soy sauce) = 447 kcal

Vegetable dish + chicken breast + spinach + Shanghai sauce (black bean and soybean sauce) = 428 kcal

Whole grain rice + Beijing sauce (oyster sauce) = 534 kcal

Vegetable dish + tofu + mango + Hot Asia sauce (hot sauce) = 509 kcal

Vegetable dish + beef filet + mixed peppers + Saigon sauce (garlic and black pepper sauce) = 430 kcal

Whole-wheat noodles + Beijing sauce (oyster sauce) = 534 kcal

Rice noodles + pineapple + bamboo shoots + Beijing sauce (oyster sauce) = 543 kcal

Vegetable dish + squid + Bangkok sauce (yellow curry and coconut sauce) = 524 kcal

Vegetable dish + smoked turkey + pak choi + Tokyo sauce (Teriyaki sauce, sweet soy sauce) = 434 kcal

These are just a few ideas, but you can make thousands of combinations with our 3-step-menu. In this post we wrote a few more featuring recipes under 350 kcal & recipes under 550 kcal. If you want to design your own light recipe, check out the calories, proteins, fats or other details in our Nutrition Calculator. It even counts the oil* used to stir-fry our woks, so you can totally trust it!

* We do use oil to stir fry our woks, but just a little bit. Stir frying is one of the lightest (and healthiest) ways of cooking! You can learn more about our cooking method here.