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Game of Thrones recipes: participate and win free woks!

What sort of fans would we be if we didn’t think of the recipes our favourite characters would have at an hypothetical Wok to Walk in Westeros? Don’t look at us like we’re getting carried away – the one thing that reigns in the series is fire -and fire’s all we need to wo(r)k our magic! Imagine a wok cooked on dragon flames. THAT would be a real show!!!

Getting back to recipes, the debate was intense and we nearly ended up like the Lannisters and the Starks, but in the end we came to some consensus. Before we unveil them, let us invite you to participate in this post having your own say. We saved some of the most interesting characters for you guys to imagine their favourite recipes: send them over and we’ll feature them in this article! Also, we will raffle free woks between all the participants. Watching Game of Thrones while enjoying a free wok? It can’t get any better!

Game of Thrones recipes:

First things first. Only Khaleesi’s recipe could open this game:  

Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen and I dunno how many other titles would probably order whole-grain rice, spinach, chicken and extra spicy Hot Asia sauce. Don’t you think it’s just a random recipe; it’s the perfect blend of nutrition and fire. The perfect bite for the Mother of Dragons!

How about You-Know-Nothing-Jon-Snow?

Our sweet Jon Snow, sentenced to freeze to death every single day of his life, would need succulent and energy filled bites. We bet he’d go for udon noodles with beef, bacon, cashew nuts and fried onion in extra spicy Bangkok sauce. Tons of protein and calories to survive the Northern chill! (We’re only talking about nutrition here; him surviving other threats would be a different story…)

Great Tyrion Lannister’s recipe:

Our friend Tyrion -probably our favourite character, we did all agree on that- would be more delicate and subtle. We totally see him having some rice noodles with shiitake, prawns and Saigon sauce. He might challenge his liver but he’s also a bon vivant, so he eats healthily to enjoy a good, long life full of delicious experiences! ;)

Cersei Lannister’s recipe:  

What does the evilest queen in the universe eat? There’s no doubt about the sauce: Hong Kong totally matches her sour personality and is red like the blood she takes joy in spilling. The rest of the recipe? Egg noodles, duck and calamari. As disconcerting as Cersei’s plots.

And this is it for today! Now it’s your turn: what would the rest of the characters order, in your opinion? Share your recipes with us in our Facebook and we’ll feature them here! We’ll be giving away free woks among all participants every week.


Hodor’s recipe by Juan Romero:

I think Hodor favourite recipe could be, Hodor with egg and veggies, then as favourites Hodor and Hodor because he’s very peaceful until he needs to be aggressive, and then Hodor for sauce because it’s sweet for him and he likes it.

Tyrion Lannister’s recipe, by José Luis Cuenca

“Udon noodles with shrimps, of course – he’s a Lannister!-, broccoli and cashews (this is what his father would probably feed him) and Hot Asia sauce for two reasons: first, because he’s always in hot messes and secondly because he likes brothels”.

Melisandre’s recipe according to Ana M Fernandez

“I would feed the witch with some udon noodles stir fried with Hot Asia and a mix of favourites both from the sea and from the land; that’s why it would include beef, calamari, egg, shiitake and some nice shrimps… With their heads on, of course, because she’d really enjoy removing them!”

Petyr Baelish’ recipe, by Manu Bargallo

“The wok for Petyr Baelish: udon noodles, because he’s a strategist; beef because he’s a tough guy and cherry tomatoes because he still has a softer side (only when he can benefit from it, of course); sesame seed mix because he loves blends and Hot Asia sauce as a reference to his business in King’s Landing”.

Melisandre’s recipe according to Ana Soriano Micó

“Melisandre doesn’t need much food really because R’hllor gives her all the energy, so her recipe would consist of whole-wheat noodles, pak choi and fire in the form of extra spicy Hot Asia sauce.

Arya Stark’s recipe, by Anuska Fernandez

“The best wok for Arya Stark would be whole-wheat noodles with cashews, pineapple and slightly spicy Bangkok sauce. My favourite character enjoying my favourite recipe!”

Arya Stark’s wok according to Marcelo Olmedo

“I would buy her a wok of whole-wheat noodles with Tokyo sauce, broccoli, bamboo shoots and prawns!!”

Theon Stark’s recipe, by Toni Aguado Rodenas

As a king, “Theon Stark, the Hungry Wolf” would eat udon noodles with chicken, bacon and mushroom in a Shanghai sauce (my favourite one)… This will get him through the long, cold winter during which he’ll reign…”

Sansa Stark’s recipe by Eduardo Almeida Medina

“Look, I’m tired of Sansa Stark’s bland personality, so I would get her some classic noodles with Beijing sauce, cashews and bacon to see if it this savoury mix brings her spirits up”.

Sansa Stark’s recipe according to Miguel Lorenzo

“I think sweet Sansa Stark would love some rice noodles with prawns, spinach, a little pinapple (sweet as her) and soy sauce -not spicy, of course”.


Now it’s time for you to have your say! In your opinion, which recipes would GOT characters order? Tell us in our Facebook page and we’ll feature them here. Free woks will be raffled weekly among all the participants!

Photo credit: HBO (edited by our talented graphic team).