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Wok to Walk Franchise BV & Wok to Walk International SL inform:

We do not want to collect information from children. Do not provide any personal information unless you are at least 15 years of age, and please caution your children not to provide any. If a child under 15 has provided personal information, a parent or guardian may so inform us by writing our contact info and we will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete it from our database, subject to applicable law and this policy.

Wok to Walk may use this website (the “site”) to collect personally identifying information about you. Wok to Walk may freely use and disclose to third parties publicly available information and information that does not expressly identify you individually (“personal information”) collected on this site or on any site that appears to be controlled or managed by Wok to Walk or, where indicated, other information you provide to us.

Use of our site or provision of any personal information constitutes agreement to this policy. Do not use the site or provide information (or allow others to do so on your behalf) if you (and your principal if you are acting as agent) do not agree with all of the terms of use including this policy and any applicable supplemental privacy policy.

This notice will be amended from time to time. You agree that this policy replaces any previous privacy policy retroactively and prospectively. Please enter this notice frequently to check the updated privacy notice and our terms of use notice. Use of the site will constitute your consent to the amendments, so if you do not want to be bound by an amended version, do not use the site and cease all use of the content or services.

This policy is part of and incorporated into this website’s terms of use (“terms of use”). Please review these terms prior to using the site.

This policy is supplemented by additional policies relevant to the terms of use of this website and to particular activities, and each of the supplemental policies will also apply and should be read together with this policy.

Wok to Walk (including its third party service providers and franchisees) may collect some information automatically from visitors to the site, for example through the use of “cookies”, “web beacons”, and other technologies. These technologies make your use of the site or our operations more convenient. We use these technologies for a variety of purposes such as to improve your on-line experience, to manage site traffic, to assess promotional effectiveness, to track information such as the total number of visitors, IP addresses and browser types, access times, pages viewed and referring website addresses. We may also employ these technologies so that we remember you when you return to the site. We may also deliver ads or make recommendations in the context of your current visit to our site or a single search query in our site.

We generally do not share information from “cookies” and the like with third parties other than our service providers, but reserve the right to do so. If you do not want to receive cookies, you may set your browser to reject them. However, if you turn cookies off, you may not have access to some of the site’s features. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issues cookies when you access the site.

You may decide, in your sole discretion whether to provide personal information. However, in order to utilize certain features of this website you might be required to provide information (such as to apply for a job), so the decision not to provide information might limit or eliminate certain features of the site. Do not provide personal information about others without their permission. Additional information about what we collect is available in any supplemental privacy policies for particular activities (e.g., employment related information provided in the career portion of our site).

We use personal information we collect to respond to your inquiries or requests, to perform surveys, to consider your job application and to engage in various activities for which we collect it or related thereto, and any lawful purposes.

If your information has changed, please re-submit, or when possible, update your new information

We keep personal information for as long as we deem relevant or useful.

We do not guarantee the security of personal information or other information in any form.

By using this website you consent that Wok to Walk and any party with whom Wok to Walk shares the information, discloses and transfers your personal information for any purpose relating to Wok to Walk operation, or otherwise that is not prohibited by law. You further agree that any notice of security breach, if required, will be posted on this site, or by email notice, if we have your email address, and such notice will be considered a personal notice to you.

If you believe you are a victim of identity theft, please inform us by written notice to our contact information.

This policy is part of and supplemented by our terms of use, which together with any supplemental privacy policy form a contract. We and you are bound by the terms of use specified in this site, including this policy. If you think we are in default, you may send us written notice at our contact info

Creating an account, submitting any information relating to a possible job opportunity, making any application(s), or allowing someone else to do that for you, will be your consent to our terms of use, including our privacy policy and this supplemental policy, all as amended from time to time.

In addition to the personal information that we collect on this site generally, your application will usually include your name, address, education level, job preferences including job level, schedule, availability to travel, job type and geographic area. When you submit an application, authorize us to perform a background check, we may collect personal information, including but not limited to: name, address, telephone number, resume, employment history, reference information, compensation and educational history, social security number and so on. You undertake that the information you submit is complete, accurate and up-to-date. You also agree that, to the extent allowed by us and our site, you will review, maintain, correct, and update such information in a timely manner to maintain its accuracy and completeness. Wok to Walk information submitted in the careers section in accordance with its records retention policy, and reserves the right to delete information stored by or for you and sometimes information will need to be re-entered. We may disclose the information to third parties in the process of recruitment, assessment, survey, affiliates, to comply with applicable law and for other purposes that are not unlawful. We may also retain and use information with respect to applicants who will have been employed by us or by our franchisees. By providing the information or submitting your application, you consent with the terms stated in this policy notice and with the terms of use in this

Posting of an offer for employment on this site does not constitute an offer for employment. Any offer of employment will solely be made, if made, in person by an authorized representative of Wok to Walk management company or its franchisees in accordance with their respective hiring policies and procedures. Offers by Wok to Walk franchisees are subject to different conditions and are not covered by this notice.