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Delicious tips for eating on a budget around the world

Thanks to the low cost revolution that airlines started some years ago, travelling around the world has gotten more and more affordable. Hotels, apartments, & couch-surfing sites jumped in the trend first but finally the time of good, cheap eats in pricey cities such as Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon or New York has come.

An alternative to supermarkets and fast food

So far, low cost options were: surviving on bread with random fillings from the supermarket, getting “stuffed” in fast food chains or taking your chances in street stalls. We see your point, that’s one of the reasons why we started Wok to Walk. (You can read more about that here).

Long story short, you have a new ace in the hole to save money in your trips around the world. It might sound a bit like an auto-promotion, but it’s true: Wok to Walk offers you an opportunity to eat healthy, inexpensive, balanced and delicious food in more than 60 cities. It’s not only us, several travellers say it on Trip Advisor, the Lonely Planet and Huffington Post. So many people can’t be wrong, can they?

Eating good, inexpensive food in London, New York or Barcelona IS possible!

For example, eating a wok is cheaper than a 1 zone trip on the London tube. Even picking a base + a topping + a sauce saves you money as compared to the cost of the tube ride!

Actually, since our 3-step-menu allows you to eat several times without repeating a recipe, you could pay a night out or watch a musical with all the money you save on food.

More perks! You can have your food in the restaurant or go on a picnic and explore the best spots in the city. Enjoy a wok with a view over the Chrysler Building at our Mitdtown East restaurant in Manhattan or take it to Central Park, or to the beach in Barcelona, or to London’s Hyde Park… The orange box keeps your food warm so you can move around in total freedom!

The best quality-price relationship in take-away and take in food

Let’s be clear on this. We are NOT fast food. We surely are fast and affordable, but that’s the only thing we have in common with fast food joints.

To begin with, we cook the freshest ingredients on a daily basis and display them for you to see the quality while making your choice. Once you’ve decided it, we stir-fry it on the spot.

We are so picky about quality we only buy the best of the freshest products from local suppliers. That means every restaurant has a local touch: some ingredients may vary, widening your options with new exciting flavours. Anyway, bases and sauces do not change, so if you find your dream recipe in Barcelona you will be able to repeat it in Berlin!

Nutrition wise, all the items on our menu are very nourishing and give you energy to make the most of your long days walking around (servings are very generous and fulfilling, which will also help you save money on snacks between meals…)

Food for coeliacs, vegans, vegetarians… Food for every traveller!

Speaking about nutrition and special diets, we have options for everyone: from vegans, to vegetarians or people who suffer from some food intolerance to meat lovers, you will enjoy plenty of choices.

Last but not least, there are no closed recipes: you decide what to eat and how much to spend. We stir fry your wok on the spot, so you get the best of its nutrients and flavour. Your dish is ready in a matter of minutes for you to make the most of your time in the city. Oh, and we cook it right before your eyes: enjoy the fire show, it’s for free!

This is a brief sum-up of the main advantages that Wok to Walk offers to eat low cost food on your trips. Anyway, we believe nobody can advise you better than travellers who have been all around the world, so here’s an updated compilation of their tips on Trip Advisor, Twitter and Instagram.

You now have a new ally in your mission to conquer the world on a budget!

If you want to find the nearest Wok to Walk in your town or your next destination, check out our complete list of restaurants here.

¡Bon Appetit & Bon Voyage!

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