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The best Vegetarian recipes at Wok to Walk

Did you know Wok to Walk serves vegetarian dishes? We do! They’re fresh, healthy and made on the spot, your way. There are


Guide of the best spots in Chueca, Madrid

In the mood for a short trip to Madrid? Perfect, count us in! (If you thought we’d need to think spontaneous

vegan wok

25 wok vegan recipes on the wok inspired by Asian Cuisine

Before we get on with the recipes, you need to know that at Wok to Walk you have total freedom to


8 secret spots and a delicious wok in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

If you’re about to visit Barcelona, we guess you’re dying to burn your soles checking every corner out. We agree,


The 8 secrets behind Wok to Walk’s success

Since we started expanding a few years ago, many people have asked us the secret recipe behind Wok to Walk’s success.


Game of Thrones recipes: participate and win free woks!

What sort of fans would we be if we didn’t think of the recipes our favourite characters would have at


The best selling wok in Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam

So, you can’t get sleep at night wondering which is the best selling wok in Barcelona, Madrid or Amsterdam? We knew


The wok restaurant trend keeps spreading around New York, Madrid, Barcelona, London…

Wok restaurants are becoming one of the most popular options in New York, Madrid, Barcelona and London thanks to their healthy Asian


15 light recipes + a step by step tutorial to cook your own wok

If your old healthy spirit is back and you’re planning on losing some weight, Wok to Walk has infinite light

recetas ligeras wok to walk

Light recipe ideas that prove healthy fast food exists (and that you can be happy and satisfied while on a diet! )

Loosing weight is a tough task, especially when you really enjoy eating. Not to talk about diets for fast food


What does your sauce say about you?

You may have never thought about this, but the way you choose the sauce says a lot about you. Our


20 Recipes for runners

Whether you’re a marathon hero or a funky jogger, you must know all runners have special nutrition needs to achieve


Tips to save money on a Interrail Euro trip

It’s no secret that Interrail is the best way to visit a number of countries in Europe on the smallest


The Best 2015 Festivals + How to Survive a Music Festival

If there’s something we’re experts on, besides playing with fire and cooking tasty dishes, it’s music. Who did you think


Delicious tips for eating on a budget around the world

Thanks to the low cost revolution that airlines started some years ago, travelling around the world has gotten more and

Preguntas sobre Wok to Walk

10 FAQ about Wok to Walk

If there’s something you always wanted to know about us and never dared to ask, this is your chance to

Rice fibra

5 benefits of fitting more fiber into your diet

1. Provides heart-health benefits. Fiber lowers cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure. 2. Prevents bowel dysfunctions. Picking it up as a habit is


Finally, a restaurant where vegan, fast, healthy and cheap go together. (Plus, it’s got options for your non vegan friends!)

Vegans are well trained on the art of tracking down vegan food in their city or when they travel around.