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Rice fibra

5 benefits of fitting more fiber into your diet

1. Provides heart-health benefits. Fiber lowers cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure.

2. Prevents bowel dysfunctions. Picking it up as a habit is investing on your future health.

3. Helps in achieving healthy weight. Fiber makes you stay full for a greater amount of time. In other words, Sayonara unhealthy snacking!

4. Helps control blood sugar levels.  If you have diabetes, you already know what we’re talking about. But even if you’re not diabetic, this is still important for you: fiber aids in keeping a stable blood sugar level, which prevents those sudden cravings that end up in desperate snacking.

5. Normalizes bowel movements. We know this is not a surprise, but the good news is you can actually enjoy fiber with your wok. Say goodbye to “extra crunchy cardboard flavoured” breakfast cereal (with the due respect to cereal producers!)

Having said this, before jumping into the wholegrain world, be honest about your dietary habits. If your fridge has never seen any vegetables, fruits or wholesome products around, take it easy.

Experts recommend a gradual increase on the fiber intake for your body to easily get used to it. Start by adding a couple of veggie favourites to your wok, and after a little while you can try the wholegrain noodles or the veggie dish… Always, always, doing it Your Way!


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