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20 Recipes for runners

Whether you’re a marathon hero or a funky jogger, you must know all runners have special nutrition needs to achieve their best performance. And one eventually gets tired of eating plain rice with plain chicken, right? Been there, we feel your pain!

Here come the good news: there are thousands of runner-friendly options that you can have at Wok to Walk to make the most of your workouts while satisfying your inner gourmet. Let’s list a few examples for your inspiration.

Pre-workout recipes for runners

The perfect pre-workout meal should be high in low-GI carbohydrates, relatively low in protein & fiber and low in fat. Here go our proposals to design the perfect meal to rock your trainers:

  1. Egg noodles + shrimps + spinach + Bali sauce.
  2. Whole-wheat noodles + tofu + cashews + spinach + Hot Asia (Vegan recipe if you order it without egg!)
  3. Rice noodles + chicken breast + broccoli + Bangkok sauce + peanut topping.
  4. Udon + shrimps + spinach + Hot Asia sauce.
  5. Whole grain rice + shiitake mushrooms + smoked turkey + Hong Kong sauce.
  6. Egg noodles + chicken breast + broccoli + sauce Saigon sauce.
  7. Whole-wheat noodles + pineapple + champignon mushrooms + cherry tomatoes + Tokyo sauce (Vegetarian recipe!)
  8. Rice noodles + prawns + spinach + pineapple + Bangkok sauce.
  9. Whole-wheat noodles + tofu + broccoli + pineapple + Tokyo sauce (Vegan recipe if you order it without egg!)
  10. Whole grain rice + beef filet + pineapple + spinach + Hot Asia sauce.

Post-workout recipes for runners

After the workout your body needs a bigger amount of protein because it will help your body heal from the training and build muscle. Throw some carbs in to replenish energy storage. And of course you want to enjoy a delicious meal! Keep on reading for some excellent post-workout meals:

  1. Vegetable dish + smoked turkey + cashew nuts + Bali sauce.
  2. Rice noodles + tofu + cashew nuts + Hong Kong sauce (Vegan recipe if you order it without egg!)
  3. White rice + shrimps + squid + Beijijg sauce + Sesame seeds topping.
  4. Udon noodles + beef filet + spinach + Tokyo sauce.
  5. Whole-wheat noodles + cherry tomatoes + cashew nuts + tofu + Hot Asia sauce. (Vegan recipe if you order it without egg!)
  6. Vegetable dish + mango + spinach + tofu + Hong Kong sauce (Vegan recipe!)
  7. Whole grain rice + duck + mango + Saigon sauce.
  8. Egg noodles + shrimps + pak choi + Bangkok sauce.
  9. Rice noodles + smoked turkey + shrimps + baby corn +Tokyo sauce.
  10. Whole grain rice + tofu + pak choi + champignon mushrooms + Tokyo sauce + Sesame seeds topping (Vegan recipe if you order it without egg!)

These are just a few examples of the special recipes runners can design.

Feel free to design your own workout recipes using our nutrition calculator, where you can plan the exact carb, protein, fat and kcal intake in each meal!

The nutrition calculator is also very useful for vegan and vegetarian runners, since it offers two special filters that only display the vegan and vegetarian options that can be found in our 3-step-menu.

Feel like sharing your runner recipes with other runners? Let us know and we’ll spread the word! Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter await… ;)